Become a Better Visual Storyteller by Following These 10 Rules for Better Composition (VIDEO)

Most great photographers are also accomplished visual storytellers who understand how to draw viewers into their scene and direct their eyes to the key element in the image. In the video below you’ll learn 10 quick tips for doing exactly that, while making your photographs more impactful.

This tutorial comes to us from the folks at Mango Street, a great source of quick photography tutorials “that don’t waste your time.” In less than three minutes the video reviews 10 established “rules” to help you up your game. Some, like the “rule of thirds” may already be familiar to you, but others like the “rule of head room” and “the rule of looking room” will likely be something new.

This quick video also reviews the importance of leading lines and proper perspective, so even if you consider yourself an expert this is a really good refresher on composition.

You can find more helpful tips from Mango Street on their YouTube channel, and be sure to look at another story we posted recently with some great composition tips from an experienced nature photographer.