M-ROCK Double Access Notebook Camera Bags

There are four models of the M-ROCK Double Access bags. The Cascade 5020 is made for a compact or mirror-less SLR camera ($100). The Glacier 5040 and Grand Canyon 5040 both hold a regular SLR camera with list prices of $107 and $112 respectively, and the Everglades 5080 holds a Pro SLR Camera body with a list price of $118. All four bags come with the same divider configurations for one camera body with two to four lenses and a flash. The rear pockets holds a tablet or a notebook.

The bags are light but strong with the closed cell foam reinforced with plastic panels for additional shock impact. The bags include a rain jacket, lens cloth, useful pockets and a key hook. Convert the bags into rollers by attaching M-ROCK's Modular Cart 7080. Double stack any two of these bags on the cart, or put them over your luggage handle. Increase the carrying capacity by attaching any two bags from M-ROCK's 2000 series, M-ROCK's 7030 & 7050 belts and straps make it possible to carry the bags as a backpack, fanny pack or harness style. The bags are protected by M-ROCK's five year + warranty and will be available in October, 2012.

Michael Rockwell established M-ROCK in January 1995 with the vision of manufacturing camera bags that protect the contents and are convenient to use and access. The new Douible Access range combine the best features of all the predecessors. Full product details can be found at


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