Student Union

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Student Union

Peter Franchell
New School University
New York City

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Pippa Bianco
St. Paul's School
Concord, New Hampshire

Mixed Media
When we talked with Pippa she'd just graduated from St. Paul's School and was getting ready to attend Yale University. She wasn't sure whether she'd be majoring in painting or photography.

"I'm pretty new to...

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Student Union

Carolina Day School
Asheville, North Carolina

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Rebecca Gizicki
Wayne State University
Detroit, Michigan


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Truckee Meadows Community College
Reno, Nevada

Little Worlds

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Richard Meade
The Art Institute Of Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia

The Beauty Part

From the photos it's easy to tell that Richard, who is in the final year of the Institute's three-year bachelor of fine arts program, hopes to work in fashion and advertising. "I enjoy working with people," he says, "and would...

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Mikael Wardhana
RMIT University
Melbourne, Australia

Best Effort

M ikael is a first-year photography student at the university, working toward a Bachelor of Arts degree. His subjects are wide-ranging (you can see the variety of his work at his website,

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Robin Lasiloo
University Of New Mexico
Gallup Campus

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Ryan Conn
Savannah College Of Art And Design
Savannah, Georgia

On The Record. "Documentary photography is an opportunity to revive the...

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Student Union

Brooks Institute Of Photography

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Sarah Amato
Ohio University
Athens, Ohio

Face Value
A commercial photography student at Ohio University's School of Visual Communication, Sarah's interest in photography grew from her high school experiences. Her school didn't have many photo courses, but she took them all and made them pay off, winning a Gold Key award...

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Sean Fryxell
John Jay High School
Hopewell Junction, New York

After Dark
Sean, who graduated from John Jay in June, has applied to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia, but at the time we spoke hadn’t made a decision. His studies are likely to involve a mix of...

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Sean Lamoureux
New Hampshire Institute of Art
Manchester, New Hampshire

Although Sean, a senior in the four-year BFA program, is well versed in digital photography--his work/study efforts call for him to photograph with a D-SLR--the images here were taken with a 4x5, a camera that's not only a part of his...

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Shaun Bangert
University of Michigan School of Art & Design

Currently. Second year of graduate studies, pursuing a Masters in photography. Teaches advanced...

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Blue Mountain
Community College
Pendleton, Oregon