When Photography Goes Very, Very Wrong (VIDEO)

The humorous (and sadly, all too true) video below by Nils Langenbacher was created using bits of live international news broadcasts and various home videos. Titled “Photographer FAIL Compilation,” this is nearly twelve solid minutes of photographic mishap fun.

A diver learns that its best to not get too close to that cute octopus when the little guy decides he wants that expensive camera rig for himself. A group of videographers spoil the Bride’s big day when they decide to settle a disagreement with a camera-tossing brawl. A photographer (who was encouraging his friends to feed a nearby group of crocodiles) is so deeply engrossed in capturing images that doesn’t notice he’s way too close to the water and the main course on their menu.

All that and more. The list of real life accidents, mistakes and really poor decisions goes on and on. If you need a good laugh today then be sure to check it out below.