What Is the Best Lens for Boudoir Photography?

Recently we shared with you what one professional photographer called the best camera for boudoir beginners. Now here's another boudoir pro recommending what she says is the best lens for capturing intimate portraits.

Well, actually, it's two lenses, and full-time boudoir photographer Misty Moss explains why she likes both – but prefers one – in the video below.

"Today's video has actually been requested quite a bit in the comments and in my Instagram," Moss notes. "So, I am going to tackle the question of which lens is my favorite for boudoir photography. This is, of course, a subjective question with a subjective answer. It's going to be a pretty personal answer for what works best for your style and for your work."

Having said all that, here's what Moss recommends.

"I have two lenses that I kind of rotate through, but I definitely have one that stay on my camera almost exclusively. So, I'll talk about the second one first," she says. "So, the two lenses I'm alluding to are a 50mm and a 35mm lens. I shoot with primes. I just find it way easier to get consistent lighting and consistent depths-of-field. Primes all the way."

Watch the video below to see why Moss recommends these lenses for boudoir photography and then go visit her channel to see all her videos including this one where she share six boudoir tips for beginners.

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