6 Tips EVERY Boudoir Photography Beginner Should Know

Misty Moss is a full-time boudoir photographer based on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. But she didn't start out that way. Moss became a boudoir pro five years ago and she's learned a lot through trial and error. Now she's excited to share some of her boudoir knowledge with beginners to help them improve.

In the below video, Moss gives you eight boudoir tips for beginners, which she says is "the advice I wish I had received when I started my photography business."

"These are things that I wish someone had told me right out of the gate, that will hopefully help with your new boudoir photography business," she says.

Tip #1: You're Probably Going to Suck for a While (Sorry)
"That's super normal," Moss says. "When I look back at my photos from four to five years ago, I just kind of go glazy eyed and I'm like: 'what was I thinking?' Do it anyways. Shoot anyways. The only where you're going to learn and you're going to grow is by shooting more and capturing more photos. Practice makes progress."

Tip #2: Be Generous
"Just having this mantra in the back of my head is the reason I was able to be successful in such a short amount of time and to get the client base and the fan base that I have. You want to treat your clients and your community like absolute gold."

Tip #3: Client Experience Over Photography
"How you make your clients feel is going to be the number one important thing that you provide to them. There's no use taking a technically fantastic photograph if your client felt uncomfortable and unsafe in any way during that time."

Tip #4: Be Authentic (And Vulnerable)
"While you are selling a photography service, you're really selling you as a person and you're selling your unique self and your unique art and your unique vision."

Tip #5: Community Over Competition
"Other photographers are not your enemies, they are your comrades. They're also a really great source of inspiration and creative collaborations."

Tip #6: We All Experience Doubt About Our Work
"The only way to get past that and to push through it and keep creating good work is just to focus in on the work that you want to create and just stay true to your vision. Just keep creating. It's going to be okay."

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