Wedding Photographers Capture Scary Scene Showing Tree Branch Nearly Crashing on Newlyweds (VIDEO)

As a wedding photographer/videographer you have to be ready for anything. The same can be said for a wedding couple as the scary video below captured by F&J Productions shows.

In the clip, a couple’s wedding video takes a harrowing turn as a tree branch nearly falls on them as they’re relaxing at a picnic table. (The incident happens about the 20-second mark in the video. Also pay attention to the guy in the background who stumbles as he runs to try to help them.)

Fortunately, according to ABC7NY which shared the video, the couple was not hurt and their love “will forever be stronger than that tree.”

F&J Productions are a Milwaukee-based couple (Freddy Hernandez & Jocelyne Pruna) who specialize in commercial photography and video, marketing, drone photography, travel photography, local/destination weddings, family and fashion photography.