Watch Videographer Casey Neistat Smash His Canon DSLR with An Axe (VIDEO)

No, this is not for photographers who are faint of heart. And yes, you’ll probably have very mixed feelings (to say the least) about what videographer and YouTube personality Casey Neistat decides to do to his malfunctioning Canon DSLR.

That’s understandable: when someone takes an axe to a perfectly good, (mostly) functioning piece of camera gear, it just makes you want to scream out “Why???”

But in the below video, which we’ve cued up to the 4:50-minute mark just before the smashing commences; Neistat says he has a very good reason for destroying his Canon DSLR.

“I’m trying to finish my movie and Canon’s cameras have a very bad habit of just deciding to stop recording,” he says. “And it just gives you an error message that says ‘Movie stopped recording.’ I just lost a whole bunch of footage that I thought I had shot.”

While Neistat doesn’t name the model of the Canon DSLR he obliterates in the clip (it appears to be a 70D), he demonstrates that his more expensive Canon 5D Mark III is having the exact same problem, with the rear screen showing a prompt that says: “Movie recording has been stopped automatically.”

“This is the reason I destroyed my other camera. And this is the reason I’m about two seconds away from putting an axe through this camera.”

Don’t do it, Casey! Donate it to a school or something! And at least save the lens!

(It’s worth noting that the video is part of a daily vlog Neistat has been shooting for the last few months. If you want to see the full 11+-minute vlog, click here.)

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blueelvis's picture

Ah, poor Casey. His videos are interesting, but it is time to Grow Up. For god's sake, DONATE the camera to a school/university/next-door neighbor. To actually film himself chopping the poor machine to pieces is beyond infantile.