Watch This Short Video From Nat Geo to See How Light Pollution Can Affect Photos of Starlit Skies

Light pollution is not only the bane of astronomers, it also seriously impedes the work of photographers who love to shoot images of starlit skies. In this short film from National Geographic, you can learn more about the ways in which this serious problem affects our world.

Shot mainly in California by Siriam Murali, “Lost in Light” illustrates how varying degrees of light pollution in different geographic areas can dramatically affect our view of the cosmos.

The film is part of National Geographic’s Short Film Showcase which spotlights exceptional short works from filmmakers. Editors at National Geographic select films that affirm their belief in the power of science, exploration and storytelling to change the world.

After watching the film below, take a look at our recent story about a photographer who photographed the Aurora Borealis while camping on the icecap in Greenland—a spot where there is negligible light pollution.

You can see more intriguing films from the Short Film Showcase on this website.

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