Watch Nine Nikon D750s Used to Shoot a Breakdance Video Starring Morning of Owl

Nikon has caught some flak recently for isolated problems with its recent DSLRs but there’s no denying these cameras can still produce fantastic images and videos. For more evidence of this, check out the two below clips featuring Nikon D750s.

The top clip is a behind-the-scenes video showing director Joria Bulstra using nine D750 DSLRs in a variety of positions, angles, and set-ups to shoot the South Korean b-boy crew “Morning of Owl.” Bulstra said the point of using the Nikon DSLRs for the video was to show how versatile the D750 was in a range of lighting conditions and locations.

“I always see camera movement as a sort of dance,” he says in the video. “There are so many different things you can do with a camera since there’s movement flexibility, style.”

The second clip (below) is the finished Morning of Owl breakdance video, which is titled “Breaking Free.”

(Via ISO 1200)