Watch the Nightcrawler of Toronto Stalk Crime Scenes and Accidents with His Camera (VIDEO)

Photojournalist Victor Biro works long hours in the dead of the night doing what most photographers won’t—documenting crimes scenes, brutal accidents and other unsavory situations. Take a look at the dramatic video below, and you’ll probably feel pretty good about your day job.

Biro says he’s motivated not by morbid curiosity, but rather by a desire to bring attention to societal ills. As he explains, “A story about someone being shot is a story about a failure of social policy in that community. That’s why I do this.”

He spends hours sitting in his car listening to police scanners, waiting for something that might be newsworthy (and getting very little sleep in the process). After rushing to document a scene, Biro then files his images with Toronto news agencies and begins the process anew.

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