Watch a Model Swim with Crocodiles for a Risky Photo Shoot in Mexico (VIDEO)

Who says modeling isn’t a dangerous business? Photographer Ken Kiefer recently had several models swim in a watery reef full of crocodiles for an underwater “glamour” shoot, according to the New York Post.

You can watch the video below where one model gets face-to-face with a toothsome crocodile in Chinchorro Banks, Mexico. Kiefer used lionfish to lure the crocodiles towards the models.

Safety divers were also present during the underwater shoot but…still. Do you think Kiefer went too far with this shoot or is it worth the risk to get an incredible shot? Let us know what you think in the comments.

For what it’s worth, from the looks of Kiefer’s impressive website, he does these sorts of underwater photo shoots with models and aquatic life fairly often, so he certainly seems to know what he is doing. But...still.

Via the New York Post