Watch the Crazy Moment a Cop Shoots a Photographer After Mistaking His Tripod for a Gun (VIDEO)

Photo ©The Times of Britain

A couple days ago we reported on a senseless shooting in which an Ohio Sheriff Deputy shot a photographer without warning after mistaking his tripod for a gun. And now we have these two horrifying videos documenting the shooting and its aftermath.

It turns out that Sheriff Deputy Jake Shaw knew both New Carlisle News photographer Andy Grimm and his father Dale Grimm who is publisher of the newspaper. The videos seem to indicate that Shaw basically freaked out when he saw the tripod, perhaps because he typically works as a corrections officer and was on a temporary patrol assignment for which he is less experienced.

The body cam video above begins with the shooting as the Deputy immediately recognizes his victim and says, “Andy, Andy, Andy” several times while Grimm repeatedly implores the Deputy to call his wife. Once an ambulance is called you can hear Shaw tell Grimm, “You’re going to be OK bro, stay with me. I’m sorry brother, I love you.”

The second and longer body cam video below provides more context with regard to the traffic stop before the shooting commences, as well as the aftermath. The cop seems surprisingly polite while conversing with the driver he pulled over for exceeding the speed limit. And then the chaos begins.

Both videos were released by the Clark County Sheriff’s office, and you may want to read our earlier report to get more background on this terrifying incident where a photographer becomes the unexpected victim of a police shooting.