Watch Famous “Dog Photographer” William Wegman and His Enchanting Subjects Do Their Thing (VIDEO)

American artist William Wegman has been enchanting us with whimsical photographs of his pet Weirmaraners for more than four decades. And as you’ll see in the charming video below, Wegman’s work represents far more than your typical “pet portraits.”

While best known as “the dog photographer,” Wegman originally intended to pursue a career as a painter, and his photographs, sculptures, paintings, and drawings have been featured in solo exhibitions and galleries across the globe. He’s also the author of several books for children, and his famous dogs first appeared on the TV show Sesame Street back in 1989.

What makes Wegman’s Weirmaraner portraits so amazing, apart from their technical excellence, is the way his compliant subjects are placed in human-like poses while often dressed in interesting garb.

This video comes to us from the Great Big Story YouTube channel, where you can find other great examples of visual storytelling. After watching the video, be sure to look at our earlier story with more great photographs of dogs.

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