Watch This Camera Dissolve into a Toxic Black Blob When Exposed to Acetone Fumes (Video)

OK, be honest here: How many of you actually read the “Camera Care” instructions in the back of a user manual? If you’re one of the rare photographers that do, you may recall something about NOT cleaning a camera with solvents.

For everyone else, the strange and somewhat disturbing video below illustrates what happens when a camera is exposed to just the fumes from acetone. So consider yourself warned.

This insane three-minute time-lapse was made from 25 hours of footage by someone at Amazing Timelapse who had nothing better to do, and it will hopefully encourage you to read the entire instruction manual the next time you get a new camera.

You can find more videos on the Amazing Timelapse YouTube channel, and if you’re still hungering for more photo gear atrocities, check out our earlier video of a Canon lens sliced in half with a 60,000 PSI waterjet. Sweet dreams!