Watch This Bokeh Shootout Between Full-Frame and Crop-Sensor DSLR Cameras (VIDEO)

One important consideration when comparing cameras with different size sensors is the depth of field they provide and how they render out of focus areas in a scene. In the “Bokeh Shootout” below, you’ll see photographer Bill Lawson make this comparison while shooting outdoor portraits with both full-frame and crop-sensor DSLRs.

Lawson uses an 80mm telephoto with his full-frame camera and a 50mm lens on the crop-sensor body, to capture images with similar framing. Then he pulls out a tape measure to demonstrate the depth of field captured by each camera/lens combination.

To make the test even more interesting, Lawson experiments with different aperture settings and camera-to-subject distances. It’s a simple but revealing comparison that will give you a clear idea of how cameras with sensors of different sizes render bokeh and depth of field.

You can find more videos on Lawson’s YouTube channel, and be sure to look at our earlier tutorial, offering seven great tips for shooting images with great bokeh.