Watch This Awe-Inspiring 8K Time Lapse of Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park (VIDEO)

Last week’s 100th Anniversary of the National Parks Service (NPS) marked an important moment in our nation’s history, so we thought we’d share this incredible 8K time lapse video capturing the grandeur of Grand Teton National Park.

The stunning film is part of the More Than Just Parks project founded by filmmakers Will and Jim Pattis in 2014. The brothers launched the project with the goal of sharing their love for the wonders of our national parks, and this “Grand Teton 8K” time lapse illustrates the park’s winding rivers, glacial lakes, diverse wildlife, and the majestic Teton mountain range.

To create the film the Pattis brothers used a Sony A7R II mirrorless camera, a Canon 5D Mark III DSLR, and a Blackmagic 4K production camera. You can see more films from More Than Just Parks on their website.

And after watching the video below, be sure to take a look at the story we posted this morning on how you can download over 100,000 images documenting the history of our National Park Service.