Here’s a Super Simple Way to Learn How the F/Stop Scale Works (VIDEO)

OK, quick: How much less light is transmitted by an aperture of f/2.8 as compared to f/1.4? Unless you came up with an answer of “4 times more light” without counting on your fingers or using a calculator, watch the two-minute video below and you’ll forever remember the how the f/stop scale works.

This video comes to us from freelance filmmaker Griffin Hammond who specializes in low-budget projects and says he “loves to share what he’s learned” about photography, filmmaking and technology. As Hammond explains in this quick tutorial, all you have to do to remember the fundamentals of the f/stop scale is to memorize the numbers 1 and 1.4. You can do that, right?

You can find other helpful tutorials on Hammond’s YouTube channel. And if you’re confused about how the “Exposure Triangle” works, watch this video we shared earlier.

Via ISO 1200