Travel Through the Galaxies with These Stunning Images From the Hubble Space Telescope (VIDEO)

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope was launched into low Earth orbit in 1990 and has been sending back stunning hi-res images and critical data ever since. In the award-winning video below, you can travel across the universe and back in time and see some breathtaking imagery.

Originally released as an IMAX film, “Hubble: Galaxies Across Space and Time,” this video explains that a single high-resolution image can reveal 10 billion years of cosmic history. In fact, because light from distant galaxies photographed by Hubble takes billions of years to reach us, we see these galaxies not as they are, but rather as they once were.

After you finish the virtual voyage below, take a look at a recent article we posted explaining how you can give astrophotography a try yourself. And be sure to visit the Hubble Space Telescope website for more images, videos and details about the telescope itself.