Thousands of Chilly Colombians Get Naked for Massive Group Photo Shoot (VIDEO)

It was a chilly 46 degrees in Bogota, Colombia, but that didn’t stop 6,000 enthusiastic volunteers from stripping off their clothes for New York-based photographer Spencer Tunick who organized the shoot in the town’s Bolivar Plaza. Tunick has held similar mass nude shoots in Mexico City, Amsterdam and Sydney.

As Tunick told Fox News Latino, “The body for me represents purity and unity and a positive notion of life. “

Tunick’s next nude shoot will take place in Cleveland during the Republican National Convention, and according to his website he’s looking for volunteers who will be selected based upon the photos they submit (both Democrats and Republicans are welcome). His work will be displayed in Bogota’s Museum of Modern Art later this year,

Notice: The video below contains nudity,