Thomas Heaton Used a Drone to Make These Stunning Landscape Photographs on a Greek Island (VIDEO)

Thomas Heaton is an acclaimed British landscape photographer with over 100,000 followers on his YouTube channel, and he recently decided to get away from it all on the Greek Island of Rhodes. Fortunately for all his fans, Heaton just can’t sit still on the beach, and just happed to have a DJI Mavic Pro drone in his backpack.

While Heaton says, “I’m not a drone expert by any means,” the still images he captured demonstrate his expertise with lighting and composition. He clearly had a blast shooting these photos during his so-called escape from photography, explaining that with a drone, “You don’t need to walk for miles and miles to find a great scene.”

You can find more videos from Heaton on his YouTube channel, and don’t miss our recent story about another landscape photographer who creates magical images by light-painting his scenes with a powerful drone-mounted light.