Reuben Wu Creates Magical Landscapes by Painting Scenes with a Drone-Mounted Light (VIDEO)

Reuben Wu is an artist with the fascinating vision of creating otherworldly landscape photographs that evoke both science fiction and 19th century Romantic paintings. He does this by selectively light-painting his scenes with a powerful done-mounted light. The results, which he calls Lux Noctis, are mysterious and beauitful.

As explained in the video below, Wu typically hikes into remote locations throughout the American West and therefore has to travel with minimal gear: a Phase One XF camera, the portable-but–powerful Fiilex AL250 light, and a 3DR Solo drone.

He begins shooting immediately after dark with his drone hovering a few hundred feet above the scene, illuminating the landscape in pieces with long exposures that are later stitched together to create the final result.

“It’s about the portrayal of the landscape in a way that’s fresh and defies the unexpected,” he says. 

Check out the fascinating video below. You can explore more of Wu's unique work on his website.