These Are the Top 5 Boudoir Photography Poses on a Chair (VIDEO)

Florida-based boudoir and portrait photographer Yuliya Panchenko is who we turn to when we're looking for tips, tricks and how-to tutorials on the best poses for boudoir photography. In her latest video, Panchenko shares her top five boudoir poses on a chair.

Once again, Panchenko is joined by model and actress Solange Sanchez who helps demonstrate Panchenko's most popular boudoir poses on a chair during a behind-the-scenes photo shoot. First Panchenko shows how to get into the poses and why they help produce stunning boudoir images, and then Sanchez mirrors the poses on the chair on her own.

As usual, Panchenko's top poses involve creating sensual triangles by positioning limbs in flattering ways. Here are the five chair poses demonstrated in the video below:

#1 Fashion Inspired Pose

#2 Holding Glass Pose

#3 Extended Legs Pose

#4 Legs Over Armrest Pose

#5 Kneeling on Chair Pose

The tutorial is the third in series from Panchenko about boudoir posing. In the first video Sanchez demonstrated Panchenko's top five boudoir poses on a bed, and in the second video, she showed five ways to pose on the floor.

Watch below and then visit and subscribe to Panchenko's channel to get all of her great tutorials on boudoir and portrait photography. If you're new to boudoir and you want to learn more about the technqiues behind this artform, read this beginner's guide to boudoir photogrpahy.