The Top 5 Boudoir Photography Poses on the Floor (VIDEO)

You won't always have a bed when you want to shoot boudoir photography. In all likelihood though you will have a floor to work with, and there actually quite a few sensual boudoir poses that can be done on the floor, according to pro photographer Yuliya Panchenko.

So, even though boudoir means bedroom in French, you don't necessarily need a bed to shoot beautiful boudoir photos. In the below video Panchenko shows you her top five boudoir poses on the floor. The tutorial is the follow-up to one from Monday where she shared the five best boudoir poses on the bed.

"In this video I'm going to show the exact same [bed] poses on the floor," Panchenko says. "And that's for those who don't have an actual bed in the studio. So, if you don't have a bed, this is a perfect solution. You can use a blanket and do the same posing easily. And what is very easy to achieve when you don't have a bed and you have a blanket on the floor is to do all the shots from above."

Once again, Panchenko photographs model and actress Solange Sanchez, who demonstrates the top five boulder poses on the floor. Here are the floor poses shown in the video:

#1 Laying on Stomach

#2 Being Limbs & Arching Back

#3 On the Side

#4 On Back

#5 Alternate Side Posing

"Remember boudoir photography is all about shapes and curves so don't forget to create those curves by creating triangles," Panchenko explains.

Check it out below and if you missed the first video with the bed poses, you can see it here. Make sure to subscribe to Panchenko's YouTube channel to get all her boudoir and portrait photography tips and tricks.