Take a Ride On the Back of Tilly the Golden Eagle Over Scotland’s Loch Goil with This 360° Video

Scotland’s Loch Goil is a beautiful place, and perhaps even more so when viewed from above in this video of Tilly the Golden Eagle soaring over a small sea loch near the village of Lochgoilhead. Tilly captured the spectacular footage with the help of bird specialist Lloyd Buck who strapped a $499 Giroptic 360cam to her back.

Buck, his wife Rose and their birds have been involved with a number of film and television productions over the past 25 years. If you’re enchanted by the view, the 5-star Lodge on Loch Goil is a great basecamp for the adventurous (and well-heeled) photographer.

Enjoy the 360-degree view!

Via PetaPixel

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This is quite interesting. Camera on the back of eagle can show the place live and clear.The beautiful places can be captured from high with this idea. It would be like we are Flying in the sky and watch the beautiful place from higher distance.

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