Swimwear Photography vs Boudoir Photography: What's the Difference? (VIDEO)

We always enjoy it when a few of our favorite photography YouTubers join forces to make an educational collaboration video. In the below clip, professional boudoir photographer Michael Sasser teams up with commercial swimwear photographer Anita Sadowska to explain the differences between their two specialties.

In the video, the duo goes on location in Hawaii to compare swimwear photography vs boudoir photography and discuss "what's the difference?" There are actually many similarities between these types of imaging as well, which is why there's some confusion.

"I think a lot of people see my work and they assume it's kind of more commercial and not boudoir," Sasser says in the video. "Probably they see your (Sadowska's) work and sometimes get confused if some of what you shoot is boudoir. So today we're going to talk about five big difference between boudoir photography and commercial swimwear photography."  

In the clip, the pair photograph model Brittan Byrd while discussing what they look at during a photo shoot, who their ideal clients are, what the best outfits are for photos, and then share tips on how they market themselves.

Here are the five differences between swimwear and boudoir photography discussed in the video, with each photographer offering their side of the photographic experience.

#1 Creating the Images

#2 Outfits

#3 Your Ideal Client

#4 How do you make money?

#5 How do you market?

Check it out and then make sure to visit and subscribe to Sasser's and Sadowska's channels if you want to learn more about either photography discipline. If you want to leap right in with learning, here's a free boudoir photography tutorial from Sasser, and here's a great swimwear how-to video from Sadowska.