How to Shoot Gorgeous Swimsuit Photos at the Beach (VIDEO)

Summer is here, and the time is right for shooting swimsuit photos at the beach. But how do you elevate your swimwear photos from the merely good to the great? Well, of course, a great model always helps but even when shooting the most gorgeous and professional model out there, beach photos can get a little boring.

Dublin, Ireland-based fashion photographer Anita Sadowska knows all about that. Her specialty is swimsuit photography and she's picked up many tips and tricks to make her images stand out. In the below video, Sadowska shares her advice on "how to elevate any beach photoshoot."

"If you're doing something for such a long time non-stop every single day it can become quite repetitive," Sadowska says. "I found during a recent photo shoot in Capetown that I had pretty much used all the possible locations, all the possible beaches and my photos were starting to look quite similar. And, as you know, this is not really what you want if you're building a portfolio. You don't want all your images to look the same, so I was trying to figure out what to do to make them look slightly different."

Seeking inspiration, Sadowska studied other swimwear photographers whose work she admires to find out what set them apart. Below are her 6 tips that she demonstrates in the video while photographing her model Rio Hooper.

#1 Use Accessories

#2 Use Extra Clothing

#3 Vintage Style

#4 Use Oil Spray

#5 Vintage Cameras

#6 Experiment

Check out the video below and then go visit Sadowska's channel where she shares photography tips and tricks, behind the scenes video at fashion shoots, and Photoshop and Lightroom retouching and editing tutorials.