Sony A7 III vs Sony A7R III: Real-World Camera Comparison (VIDEO)

Two of the most talked about full frame mirrorless cameras of the past few years come from the same company: the Sony A7 III and the Sony A7R III. The main thing that separates these two models is not just the "R" in the name; it's the price.

As anyone who follows the camera buying world knows, the Sony A7 III ($1,900) sells for quite a bit less than the Sony A7R III ($3,200). The other main differentiating point is the resolution: the Sony A7 III uses a 24.2MP full frame sensor, and the Sony A7R III has a 42.4MP full frame sensor. But how different are these two cameras when you use them out in the field?

That's what photographer Anita Sadowska seeks to find out in the below video where she puts the two cameras to the test in a real-world comparison while photographing swimsuit models on a beach. What she discovers about these two cameras is pretty surprising, especially if you have budget concerns these days and are attracted to the lower price tag of the A7 III.

Check it out below and then go visit Sadowska's YouTube channel for more great photography videos. Before you go shopping you should also read our review of the Sony A7 III here, and our review of the Sony A7R III here.