Sneak Peak: Take This Behind-the-Scenes Tour & See How Fujifilm Cameras & Lenses Are Made (VIDEO)

It’s always fun to see what goes into making today’s innovative photography gear, and in the video below you’ll get a behind-the-scenes tour of a Fujifilm factory where cameras and lenses are manufactured.

Johnnie Behri is an Austrian documentary cameraman who recently received an invitation to visit a Fujifilm factory while he was in Japan. He jumped at the opportunity to take a tour and make this short video. As often happens on factory visits where cleanliness is a key concern, Behri’s tour began by donning a sterile jumpsuit, face mask, gloves, and booties to avoid contaminating the gear.

Once properly attired, Behri passes through security into the factory itself, where he has a fascinating opportunity to observe the meticulous manner in which Fujifilm cameras and lenses are made. If you’ve never visited a manufacturing facility like this yourself, you may be surprised to see how much it resembles an oversized surgical room in an ultra-modern hospital.

Fortunately, you can take this virtual tour by watching the four-minute video below. We bet you’ll be impressed to see how cameras and lenses are assembled by hand, and carefully calibrated for optimum performance.

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