The Tamron 16-300mm Lens Sweepstakes

Register to win a Tamron 16-300mm F/3.5-6.3 Di II VC PZD Lens (MSRP $629.00) we are giving away.

According to the company:


Tamron's 16-300mm Di II VC PZD Macro sets a new standard for All-In-One zoom lenses with its world's first 18.8X range that's perfect for travel photography.

Advanced optical and mechanical design technology achieve high image quality in this incredibly compact and lightweight zoom that covers 16mm to 300mm and provides macro focusing for superb close-ups. The VC image stabilization system delivers significantly sharper images for handheld tele and low-light shooting, while the PZD autofocus is fast and quiet.

The sophisticated lens design corrects optical aberrations, while state-of-the-art multi-layer coating significantly minimizes ghosting and flare to deliver images of exceptional clarity. And moisture-resistant construction helps prevent moisture from penetrating the lens in inclement weather.

Designed exclusively for your Canon, Nikon or Sony APS-C sized digital SLR camera. Just one lens. For every travel moment. (Please note that the winner will get to specify which type of camera they have so we can match it with the correct lens mount.)

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed]

chwhitaker's picture

Here's hoping!

bjpatt's picture

thanks for offering's a great lens!!

Natedog_37's picture

Here hoping

oscaletrains's picture

Never owned a Tamron lens. Never purchased a Tamron lens. Never knew anyone that used a Tamron lens. Never read a review that made me want to buy a Tamron lens. Maybe this Tamron lens is different?

jdp3az's picture

Hope I win the Tamron 16-300mm!

sand86's picture

Fingers crossed

projecttmatt's picture

I need this lens!

msjazz79's picture

Hi there! Would love to add a Tamron Lens to my collection. Taking pictures what a treat! Give me Tamron Lens Please Please I will not eat! If I win I promise to show, my ever expanding knowledge of Photography that shall grow!

kestrel's picture

Would love to replace 2 of my lenses with one and this would be a great one to do it with.

tmtyler357's picture

Would love to have this lens.

Dsnyder883's picture

I would love to have this lens!

hooper52's picture

It would be nice to add this to my kit.

Rose Mountain Photo's picture

Looks like a dream lens to travel with!!! Awesome!

Bhebert's picture

I want to win!

jrmaul's picture

This lens was recommended by the founder of the Washington Photo Safari company!

ED GIBSON's picture

Could use this fine lens

hazellamaria's picture

I never had a third party lens before, but when I check the spec of this Tamron, Wow, just wow. this will be THE PERFECT lens whenever I cover an event!

With a f3.5 I really want to check how this lens will do in portrait too.

If all has been written about this is true, then this is really and all around lens! I want to have this one will definitely recommend it to my photog friends!

pattypixxphotography's picture

I'd love to have this lens :)

snorene's picture

This would be perfect for my daughter and her photography!

Jokerslake's picture

Oh, yes please :)

Simond's picture

Would love a new lens, to learn with new DSLR.

maryann_labrie's picture

Crossing my fingers ;-)

Pentaxian85's picture

I have been thinking about a 'walk around' lens. This Tamron would be fantastic!

FlashFactorP's picture

I've been wanting to try out a Tamron lens and I'm in need of a 300mm.Just once, could I win something?

Bmike's picture

This will be my first all around lens for my nikon for portrait, landscapes family events and macro in one... praying

gchapell's picture

Great range. Here's hoping!

vintagemedandy's picture

To win this lens would be epic!

vintagemedandy's picture

fingers crossed

muddwoman's picture

I really need this lens but can't afford's hoping!

BRF1960's picture

Iniciando conocimientos en fotografia, deseando ganar este magnifico lente.

Boris Balaban's picture

I'd love to show Shutterbug how good the lens is!

starfire505's picture

I have a Tamron Lens and have used them before. They are well made and Tamron stand behind their products. Wouldn't mind this all in one lens for trips where versatility is needed. Thanks!

JEM's picture

Here is hoping for this lens. For Nikon D 5200
Thanks for offering this to folks

nw72ndphotography's picture

Prime time shooting ahead!

victoriazen's picture

would be a fun addition! widest I have now is 24 & a zoom at 200.
thanks for the opportunity!

Trazimages's picture

Would love to upgrade to this lens

fotistrong's picture

good luck to all !

Leuvenaar230's picture

Oh yeah, i need this one, I could then leave several other lenses at home :-)

dannymfg's picture

I'm a long distance backpacker, and I always get amazed looks when people see that I brought a bulky DSLR with me into the wilderness instead of a lightweight point and shoot. This lens would be amazing to take with me into the wilderness because it would serve many functions and I could leave my other lenses at home. As a full-time student, it's hard to save up money for new lenses. This one would prove to be invaluable to me. Thank you for offering this.

ArtOfPerception's picture

Just purchased an EOS 70D for my upcoming trip to Thailand, and very interested in learning about photography. Maybe with this nice lens, I will be able to share a photo that could be considered the "photo of the day"!

1983matt's picture

Since i'm looking for a nice wide angle lens for my new alpha77mk2 this would be ideal. Great give away.

idham's picture

Crossing my fingers

Catskill's picture

I have the previous model of this lens. Except for lens creep (which I understand they have corrected in the newer model) I have no complaints. It's a fantastic lens to travel with.

Priceless Treasures's picture

I would LOVE to have this 16-300 lens! It would be the only one I would ever use, I'm sure.

curtisclegg's picture

This looks like a pretty versatile lens.

Jakemarsiglia's picture

Please baby pleaseeee

pinhole's picture

Wonderful opportunity, thanks.

pinhole's picture

Looks great.

Sumisu611's picture

Would be interesting to see the quality of image such a wide range lens produces.

ajl290's picture

Here goes nothing.

esparzatj's picture

Looks like a very nice lens...hope to win it!

Skian's picture

This would be a nice addition

Leagan's picture

When greatness becomes awesomeness

jazzcatjt's picture

Tamron makes great lenses and I would love to add this to my lenses for my Sony A77. Thanks!

davidb32's picture

What a great focal range. Tamron is a quality lens maker, and I would love to own this lens.

Alayp's picture

Sounds like a versatile lens all in one glass! It does get tiring carrying multiple lenses on trips.

truthcopy's picture

Looking forward to snapping photos with this lens... just in time for holiday vacations. Stop entering everyone... it's mine!

rkuss52's picture

This would be one sweet lens

Grace Gietzen's picture

would be my first new lens! Still shooting with my original 18-55mm kit!

weredawg's picture

Would love to pair this with my Nikon D40 to replace the kit 18-55 that it came with

greginbama's picture

I want it. I want it bad. Please,,,,:-).

SevereWX's picture

Thanks for offering us a chance to win!

mkbauerphotography's picture

This lens could for sure come in pretty handy

Excidor's picture

I own a Tamrom 18-200 mm lense for the past 8 years I have many other lenses but must of the time this is the one I use. Will be nice to have the 16-300 lense

rabbitrabbit002's picture

Thank you for the awesome giveaway! This would be an *amazing* lens to have.

emilyross987's picture

Wish I could afford a lens with this range!

brojvj52's picture

wish I was a winner.....

Beatleshannon's picture

hope to win! :)

Carl Rella's picture

Hope I win!

Ninatcobb's picture

Christmas would be all the sweeter with this lens!

laineylx's picture

This would make an incredible Christmas gift for my son, or I could keep it for myself if I won ;)

neeha323's picture

This will definitely make my year as we just started to build up our photography business.

neeha323's picture

this would definitely make my year. We just started to build our photography business and this would mean a lot to me and my husband.

geewhizkid's picture

oy vey! wadda lens!

bpullum's picture

very nice lens

dmc1281's picture

This would be a good lens to have as a walk around.

sirlsu02's picture

I would love to add this into my kit.

macy2002's picture


D-Roys's picture

Before moving to my current set-up I had a Tamron len's that is still one of my all-time favorite's to hoping!

travelling triceratops's picture


odoketa's picture

Interested to see how these all in one lenses work.

kvcamera's picture

I love Tamron lenses. This is an awesome giveaway.

perry6272's picture

Would love to add this lens to my arsenal!

dilraj bara's picture

Never used any third party hopefully will get one

jhawk3205's picture

ive never won anything in my life- somebody change that pls

virgil422181's picture

i wish this lens ... i hope to win

spokie's picture

Pick me, pick me, pick me! This would be fantastic.

lauracbergman's picture

This is the EXACT lens that I was saving up for when I lost my job.

BamaBob's picture

The odds of winning this lens are slim; however, you can never give up hope! :-)

jennknee83's picture

perfect multi use lens

Foxxmester's picture

I hope...good luck for everybody ;)

hollyjac29's picture

Love my Tamron lens - would love to have another.

Miche8's picture

Would love to add to my bag!

tmlevesque's picture

Love to win this!

jennifer57's picture

nice giveaway

ANewOne's picture

Oh please let me win this lens :)

zachhiboy's picture

One of my friends has a similar lens and the flexibility afforded by it is great. I'd love to own one of these! Fingers crossed... :)

Rama888's picture

I am entering this giveaway for my husband . He own a dslr camera and he wants lens that could capture view from our trip to europe we will be visiting my family and this lens would be perfect to capture moments and views . I am really hoping I could win it for him as Christmas gift . It would mean a lot to him.

klh4runnin's picture

I would love to have this lens, I have 2 Tamron lenses now, & love them.....pick me please.....:)

Jodi Mair's picture

I have been using the same kit 18-55mm as my only lens for the past 3 years which has somewhat limited my landscape photography. As a storm chaser and landscape photographer, this lens would change my life! Crossing my fingers!

PabloM's picture

todas las esperanzas y las buena vibras!! arriba!!

Sdgroom1's picture

Would be great for sports photos

lscully's picture

To win an amazing lens! Need to 16-300 Tamron to enhance my new Canon 70D
Thank you!

bjones9942's picture

My dog says he wants me to win!!!

eeania's picture

Fingers crossed!

MirceaH's picture

Let the prize come to me :))

pleveque's picture

So pleased with my 10-24mm Tamron; this 16-300mm would be a super win. Fingers crossed.

tank324's picture

That's a nice lens. I would love to use something like that.

PeterL's picture

I have a space all picked out in my camera bag

LensCapTim's picture


bridan's picture

yes please

cusanovich's picture


Bill Syrcle's picture

I have won only two things in my entire life, a microwave cart and a flower. Not expecting much here either, but it would be a definite no if I don't try.

mrmatthendrix's picture

Thanks for the great web site; and this giveaway.

mrs2a50's picture

Thanks for the opportunity!

douglascroftimages's picture

Fingers crossed for the big winner!

GoldieOkeefe's picture

Sitting at the table, cleaning my equipment WHEN the dog decided to chase the cat and the cat decided to escape by jumping on the table. He slide across the table and knocked over some filters & gulp my 70-210 mm Nikon lens.
I need a replacement ..... of my Nikon lens, i'm still keeping my cat. And yes the dog & cat get along with each other. They were just playing!

caenruco's picture

Sounds like the only lens you would need when traveling on vacation.

lxvrtn's picture

Sweet optics, bro.

Jsytko's picture

I highly doubt his will do, but let's see

AdkGirl's picture

This beauty will look great attached to my leica

george99's picture


buddspencer's picture

Want it ;)

romanyn's picture

I need a decent lens for my camera, and this one would be fantastic!

ggraves's picture

I would love to have this lens

katie71825's picture

AWESOME!! I would love to win this! Thank you so much for the chance :)

Love me_love my camera's picture

I've been thinking about getting a lens to "shoot the moon" with so to speak. This would fit the bill very, very nicely. Would also be great for wildlife shoots. I'm pretty stoked!! I hope I win! :)

Nora Kirkbak's picture

Skulle gjerne hatt den der, ja!!

photolady360's picture

This would be amazing!!

ajc40121's picture

I'm a believer in the Tamron one-lens concept. 15-20 years ago I was shooting weddings with only a Tamron 28-105mm f2.8 lens on my Nikon 90s film camera. Nothing I'd like better than to upgrade to the 16-300mm Tamron on my digital Nikon(s).

rbdaigle's picture

can't believe all I have to do is leave a comment to win a new lens....what a great deal. Can't wait to receive it...thanks

kimzme's picture

I would LOVE to win this lens.

Dana Pasca-Hossu's picture


BillP's picture

I need this, Please!

awoodroffe's picture

What a versatile lens!

tomstgeorge's picture

Would love to win this lens!

DGM's picture

Gotta have it.

cliff538's picture

Sign me up!

kristajaye's picture

I would love to have this lens!

quickclick's picture

Would be a good replacement for my Canon kit lens.

Midnight Mover's picture

Here is to winning a new piece of glass. I absolutely love the line of lenses, they are perfect for event photography.

Mini5150's picture

I've tried one, i need this lense please!

mani331's picture

I was in the market looking for a good lens that I can take along when I travel. Didn't know about this Tamron Lens. Hoping to get lucky... keeping fingers crossed

Travishp87's picture

Fingers Crossed! I've very intrigued by this lens.

SeattleGuy's picture

Love the specs.

toddellison's picture

I love my current Tamron lens, this would be a great addition!

smartmedia's picture

who is going to be the lucky one ???

Mathieu Lord's picture

Free lens? Ya!

L4RRY's picture


Kjanderson15's picture

Me please!

dnp2005's picture

Would love to win the lens.

Jolly 22's picture

This would be a great addition to my motorcycle travel kit... looking for fun rides and terrific photos!

douglasleedy's picture

I'd love the opportunity to put this lens to work!

TMRiedemann's picture

I'm rather random. So Pick me.

Vogtstephaniej's picture

Pick me

ffcyee23's picture

Would love to add this Tamron to my gear!

WinddanceJL's picture

Dreaming of all the great shots I could make with this lens! Good luck everyone!

jeslu's picture

Hopefully I win Tamron 16-300mm for my D3100

Bigjohnaz's picture

Hoping to win!

MayneGredients's picture

Thanks for the offer. This would be a great lenses for my new Nikon d7200!

ldejesus's picture

Hello World

Arnold Lasker's picture

This looks like a great, useful lens. I hope to win....

mp123's picture

I would love to have this wonderful new lens. Love the quality of Tamron!

epix360's picture

I've been eyeing this lens ever since it was first announced. I would love to add it to my camera bag!

bransu64's picture

I have one Tamron that has worked great. Would like to try one with more range.

CanopyDreamer's picture

Please let it be me. :-)

maireadaniar's picture

Would love to win this lens, and see just how good it would be shooting Aurora Borealis in Sleeping Bear Sand dune National Park

joelfsu77's picture

Well, not for another 5 months, but it would be a great early present. Thanks! ;)

bvphotosnap's picture

If it works as great as my sigma 150-500 then it would be an excellent addition to my gear!

applblsum's picture

Great Lens!!!

YuriAlpha's picture

i soo need this lens, i'm still using 18-55 piece of crap kit lens, please let me win

tzphoto's picture

I hope I win!!!!

penemio's picture

Thanks for the opportunity to win

ivel1977's picture

My husband would love this

Ludwiggie's picture

I want it! I want it!

pumpysmom's picture


WCHERIN's picture

need a new lense keeping my fingers crossed!

Gildavid's picture

Yes, Please! Would love to have this!

Frankibabi's picture

I could definitely use this lens..
Have had a bit of bad luck recently with my gear and a new lens would be amazing. Keeping my fingers crossed.

hifiwino's picture

Headed on vacation to Vegas soon, would love to test this lens out there. Good Luck everyone.

ericwilborn's picture

My Canon has been begging me for some new glass...

AtlasShrugged17's picture

Pick me!!

Stephen Konkel's picture

Here's to winning a new lens.

mellofello's picture

Looks like a great lens!

Ruiz-Ortega's picture

Hope to win, nice .

Chad Mead's picture

I would love this lens for Conservation Photography. I can picture some images I would love to capture with this lens.