The Samsung NX500 Camera Sweepstakes

Register to win a Samsung NX500 Camera ($799.99 Retail Value) we are giving away.

According to the company:


Samsung NX500 (launched in 2015 – priced at $799.99 This camera is blazing fast and powerful like a DSLR, but without the bulk. It can capture 4K video all within a slim, sleek and pocket-able body. The camera features Wi-Fi for quick sharing and on-the-go traveling. The NX500 is available in black, white and brown.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

Survivalography's picture

You guys and gals are great! it would be so awesome to win this on my birthday (18DEC)!!

stsimmer's picture

Great offer! Thanks, Shutterbug!

sjm81954's picture

Thanks for the opportunity!

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Carl Rella's picture

Looks nice!

norir82's picture

I've been looking for a new camera, this NX500 would be the perfect Christmas present!

Mr. Hartzell's picture

This would be a fantastic camera to carry with me everywhere! Happy Holidays!

blondetown's picture

Would love to have this!

insanezp's picture

Hope to win!

douglascroftimages's picture

Count me in. I've been researching and looking for a new camera body. Would love to try this out!

Mathieu Lord's picture

Will be a nice gift for christmas!

mommietime's picture

I would love this for Christmas. Thanks.

vannos32's picture

This would make a great gift.

Gustaj85's picture

I'd love this camera!

DGM's picture

Would love to win!!

Edds's picture

This camera looks awesome! I hope I win!

jdp3az's picture

Sounds like a great contest - thanks!

jellomuncher's picture

This camera takes amazing video!

wahphoto's picture

I need to replace my "carry-around" camera (5+ years old and tired). The NX500 looks like it would be an excellent replacement.

stgrundy's picture

Looks like a great Christmas gift.

zenkih's picture

i hope i get this

rxdoc00's picture

What a great travel camera this would be!

mauishooter's picture

I love my new Samsung camera!

MVO's picture

I would to own this classic looking new age camera. Can I have it for Christmas please?

bjpatt's picture

I would be happy to have this.

gtoro's picture

Wow, this is so cool. Winning this amazing camera would be the greatest. Thank you for the opportunity and I hope to win :). Thank you!

cboehman's picture

I'd love to put the camera to the test in Mumbai!

ldejesus's picture is a great website

amazme1's picture

Hope to win one.

amazme1's picture

Hope to win one.

Chris Paden's picture

Would love a smaller camera to have with me all the time

apolosales's picture

I will win!

kestrel's picture

Just starting thinking about going mirror-less, this would be a good start.

brayden13's picture

Amazing giveaway! Thank you :-) Hope I win!

minde21mgra's picture

I can't wait to see who wins!

Schmaltzsj's picture

Love it. Thank you #SHUTTERBUG AND #SAMSUNG. Would love to have it for the holidays.

mrtone's picture

I hope I win the camera!

MWelchPhotos's picture

Another amazing give away. Fingers crossed.

rmorello's picture

So excited for a chance to win this beautiful camera! I love photography and Shutterbug!

fyrin's picture

I've been looking at a new camera and would love this!

Billy V's picture

This is exactly what I need for my trip

tl's picture

What a fantastic contest. Good luck to everyone.

Breendastar's picture

Ooh me, pick me !

miggy82's picture

Crossing my fingers.

horsetail's picture

What a great camera you're giving away! Awesome!

amccullg's picture

Beautiful little camera. I would love to have it!

sherrill's picture

If I win I will take good care of it

mediaphage's picture

The Sammy cams are pretty slick, and I love the retro modern vibe on this one.

chwhitaker's picture

Y'all are the best.

buckelup's picture

Sweeeeeet! Would love to win this camera!

BonnieB's picture

I hope to win the camera too... :)

Gheddah's picture

Samsung Cameras are the best to have.