The Nikon AF-S DX Micro NIKKOR 85mm Lens Sweepstakes

Register to win a Nikon AF-S DX Micro NIKKOR 85mm f/3.5G ED VR Lens (MSRP $529.95) we are giving away.

According to the company:


Looking to expand your creativity beyond your current kit lens? Uncover the wonders within the macro world with the AF-S DX Micro NIKKOR 85mm f/3.5G ED VR. From the texture of a flower to the soft toes of a newborn child – the 85mm Micro lens will let you capture even the tiniest details with stunning image quality.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

DGM's picture

A nice addition to my toolkit!!

Sher71481's picture

Hope to win!!

jdp3az's picture

Thanks for offering this drawing - hope to win!

Rdalton823's picture

Let me get just a liiittle bit closer.

hikuri's picture


chrisjz's picture

Good Luck to everyone.

Duane DeBoer's picture

this would be awesome to have

thltetek's picture

Hope to win this lens as I would love to try out macro photography too!

Pfox01's picture

This would be nice to have.

maryannmachi's picture

Put my name in the hat!

dck22's picture

I hope I win!

DatSkeg's picture

looks like a neato lens

thinkpoint's picture

Nikon iconic.

bjpatt's picture

I love Shutterbug so very much

virgil422181's picture

Another contest! hope winning...

falwine's picture

That would be a nice addition to camera bag!

Mamcrae's picture

That'd be a cool addition.

Francine_001's picture

Love Nikon lenses!

pauldavidwilson's picture

I would love a proper Micro lens for my Nikon kit.

kestrel's picture

A nice Nikon lens to add to my D300s!

Photowise1's picture

This will be a great one for me to work with.

cecouchman's picture


Corimonalulu's picture

I have been researching this type of lens for a while now and winning one would be incredible! We are planning a trip to the Caribbean and the photos I could take...Yay!

jmancuso's picture

perfect time to win!

rbeebluesguitar's picture

Little things...mean a lot.

yurix's picture

Sweet Macros!!! ;)

Louisiana_hiker's picture

I have used Nikkor for years! Love them! Hoping to add to the equipment!'s picture

I could use this lens!

super_dewby's picture

I'm currently rebuilding my bag and would greatly appreciate this lens.

Michael Schwartz Photography's picture

This lens for tiny things would fill a huge hole in my kit.

Saddlebum's picture

This should be a great addition for tiny critters and bugs in the forest.

awoodroffe's picture

So helpful with my work!!

Fabiola's picture

It would be my first macro lens. Hope to win it!!!

horsetail's picture

Oh all the great macros and portraits that I could take with this beauty!

RexP's picture

I would love to add this lens to my camera bag.

tthanhloan's picture

It would be nice to get this lens for my Nikon camera.

oldtroll's picture

Please enter me in the contest.

Mathieu Lord's picture

Perfect for my D7100

katsumi0's picture

The 85mm Micro Nikkor would be a wonderful addition to my lens stable.

vermax's picture

Very good lens. I had an opportunity to test it for short period of time but still don't have one!
Hope to be the lucky guy!'s picture

A very nice, compact lens that I've been longing for.

Hope to win this gem.

SuperD's picture

This lens is just the right size for my kit! I prefer primes but had to buy a zoom to cover this range (the lens I wanted was out of stock everywhere!).

Lorenzo Cassina's picture

Great idea Shutterbug and I'll be happy to welcome a new lens.
Happy Thanksgiving!

alexfitzmaurice's picture

Been looking for a macro lens for a while so this would be nice to win!

Merrimac81's picture

Would love this lens!

Mr. Hartzell's picture

here's to hoping!

AGChief's picture

Best of luck everyone!

rahgan's picture

Will be a good add on to my gear of only one lense.

smartmedia's picture

nice gift for Christmas, i want it.

ryanosmun's picture

just bought a nikon switching from canon!

grilledchickenwrap's picture

wish me luck.. I need a new lense for my camera ^^

Mark Sleep's picture

I'd love this lens!

Bastian Kresser's picture

That lense would be so sweet. My camera is already looking forward to its new eye!

Bastian Kresser's picture

Help! My camera needs a new eye!

Aditya Kulkarni's picture

Good to have won the lens. Thank you Shutterbug!

Alphotos49's picture

It'd be great to win!!

Billy V's picture

I feel lucky!

oscaletrains's picture

Never won anything in my life.

anim8rs's picture

This would be great to have!

ksimpson38's picture

Fingers crossed!

KCarothers22's picture

Please pick ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Smari's picture

You are so awesome^_^

CaseyLouisePhotography's picture

My love for the art of photography is simply insatiable. Good luck to everyone.

mladenzec's picture

I am planing a long time to buy some macro lens, hope i get it here :)

pauldenigris's picture

I really would love to add this lens to my kit.

Gavagabe's picture

Such a polished lens that would take awesome shots of memories!

MDS66801's picture

Need new glass would be a great addition!

mehtanim's picture

Can't wait to get hold of it

Brennodden's picture

This sounds like an interresting lense to add to my Equipment, Micro photo is something I would love to learn more about

Gorillakeeper's picture

This is the lens I've been shopping for!

sanuagarwal's picture

This lens will really help me take my photography to a brand new level.
i know lens doesn't matter to make a good picture but in this case i think it will because this lens is a beast.
I hope i own this beast someday.
thank you for letting me participate :)

Ash007's picture

This lens will give headstart to my photography career.

bjogo's picture

I would like to be the one who will win it!!!

tfusco430's picture

Love this Mag!

hooper52's picture

Keeping my fingers crossed

bjones9942's picture

Santa hasn't brought me anything for a long time! I'm overdue for a nice gift!

allaplomb's picture

I'd love to see what I could do with this!

skmosh136's picture

win the prize

jerseyongreen's picture

Dear Santa,

I've been really, really good this year and taking lots of photos to make people happy & smile. I've even tried to include life's little creatures into my photographic world but can't get a large enough image file once I've zoomed in and cropped.

My Christmas Wish this year is for a Nikon AF-S DX Micro NIKKOR 85mm Lens so I can capture every minute detail that life shows me. A gift for all to enjoy. Thanks Santa.

Oh, before I forget, please tell Rudolph that I'll leave out those juicy carrots he likes in the back yard again. Hopefully my photo of him will come out this year.

Love Your BIGGEST Fan


gchapell's picture

Perfect addition to the line up. Can't wait for it to arrive!

rufusayers's picture

thisxwould be cool

jusjerry's picture

Always wanted a macro!

nelly26's picture

chive on

Sapphire49's picture


photoguy1's picture

this would be a great addition to use with my D300

Brysgirlygirl's picture

Hmm... what possibilities! I am starting out, and there is so much to snap!

HiBob1's picture

No Comment

strifear's picture

Dont get me wrong,one lens is a workhorse ..... but there are times when i need that extra reach. Lately i have been taking photos up in trees and you can only reach your hand out so far for that 'zoom'. Please help keep me from hurting myself lol. Anyways always Nikon is my first love.

mauishooter's picture

Mahalo for a great sweepstakes!

xanthippe7's picture

I love macros <3

montanapurser's picture

Please Santa I have been very good!!!!!

montanapurser's picture

I have been extreemly good this year!

mendel5's picture

hope i win the sweepstakes

MGambaRios's picture

Would be an excellent addition to my camera bag

justifiedme99's picture

That's going to be one awesome close up.

Charles Baltz's picture

Macro photography offers a whole new genre of creative possibilities

DustyAlaskan's picture

This would be awesome to have.

ldejesus's picture is the best site

ashroberts815's picture

Would LOVE this lense!!

Tory.Powell's picture

On here looking for a great gift for my beautiful wife. I hope to win this for her!

robertpaulfoto's picture

Been shooting nature pics for a year now and really need a Macro lens for by bag of tricks.

benludeman's picture

Would love this lens!

ogre1550's picture

would be nice to win

spoonersean's picture

i love my nikon

Spoonereric's picture

I love Nikon.

Walt_P's picture

Thanks for the opportunity

gardendonkey's picture

Love Nikon