Manfrotto 190 Alu 3 Sec Tripod with XPRO Ball Head + 200PL Plate Sweepstakes

Register to win a Manfrotto 190 Alu 3 Sec Tripod with XPRO Ball Head + 200PL Plate ($498.00 Retail Value) we are giving away.

According to the company:


This 190 kit comprises a compact 190XPRO3 3-section aluminium tripod and a portable, versatile ball head. Both tripod and head have advanced features and excellent build quality.

The key feature of this kit is the tripod's 90° center column mechanism, which allows the column to be extended vertically as normal or horizontally. This makes it an extremely versatile tripod, suitable for a wide range of photography applications. The horizontal column mechanism is housed within the tripod's top casting for compactness, but it is easily and quickly extended whenever you need it. Switching between vertical and horizontal column orientation requires no disassembly, and can even be done with a camera attached.

The legs of the tripod are also fast to extend and adjust, thanks to the Quick Power Lock levers that block and unblock each leg section. The special design of the QPL levers allow a stronger and more comfortable single-handed leg lock grip. The sections of each leg on the tripod can be released from their folded position in a single movement. The QPL lever design also offers more powerful locking of each section, making this tripod more stable and rigid than traditional lever design models. Intuitive, ergonomic leg angle selectors allow each leg to be independently and solidly set to any of the preset angles, afford considerably greater positioning freedom.

A bubble level is built in to the top of the center column for precise framing. The bubble level rotates freely around the center column, so it can be positioned wherever it's easiest for you to see while you adjust the tripod and without it either being obscured by the mounted head and camera.

The tripod’s top casting has an Easy Link connector to support a photo or video accessory (such as an LED light, flash, reflector, or other piece of equipment) on an extending arm or bracket, and transforming it into a practical mobile studio.

The new XPRO Ball Head is the perfect union between innovative solutions and design. It has a new triple locking system which guarantees camera position stability, friction control helping the user balance the weight of camera equipment and two levelling bubbles to precisely frame composition. Moreover, its new polymer rings have substituted that unpleasant, messy grease, ensuring smooth, accurate and less jerky camera movement. XPRO Ball Head is portable, lightweight and reliable thanks to its magnesium body and comes with the Manfrotto 200 pl plate.

The 190XPRO3 and the MHXPRO-BHQ2 head are made in Italy by Manfrotto.

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wahphoto's picture

Looks like a great replacement for my aged Vanguard tripod!

sjm81954's picture

Just what I need. Thanks for the opportunity!

cheyne's picture

After just coming back from a night shoot and dealing with all sorts of painful tripod related issues, I think it's time for an upgrade. This beautiful tripod would be an excellent replacement for my tired current tripod!

bubbamoose's picture

I could sure put that to good use!

S Lemke's picture

I use a Manfrotto now but this would be an upgrade... I love their equipment!

jellomuncher's picture

I need this!

collrick's picture

Wow! What a dream.

JFelty's picture

It is a very nice Tripod. I want.

indigokj's picture

Love the center column feature and the ball head design. Hope I win!

WRRHalum's picture

Always a use for a sturdy, versatile tripod.

jaiverson's picture

Sounds a lot nicer than my old Focal (K-Mart) model I am still using. Hope I win!

Carl Rella's picture

Looks nice.

ahutch's picture


Ch20's picture

Niiice!! Pick me!

Nikonomaniac's picture

Pick me.

bjpatt's picture

such a nice tripod...we'll be so happy together...

Alex Luna Photo's picture

Love Manfrotto tripods. It would be a great to win this one

BTBADGER68's picture

Thank you for the opportunity. I would love a high quality tripod ! Far better than my current tripod.

kestrel's picture

Nice set of legs!

carlnjpn's picture

Wow! That's a nice piece of gear! I sure would like to have one to support the New NIKON D750 I just purchased. It would be a big help!

pavelsan's picture

Great value, I wish I have it!

jan_b's picture

That's just what I need. Thanks for the opportunity!

pinhole's picture

Looks like a great tripod.

tnquilter's picture

I'd love to win this.

LensCapTim's picture

Cheers! Best of luck to whom ever wins!

whittjt3's picture

This would be a terrific upgrade.

Jskurkis's picture

Amazing piece of equipment and an awesome opportunity!

OdysseyT's picture

Since I have never won anything in my life......I'll keep trying!!!

DGM's picture

Gotta have it

ArtPhotoJen's picture

"Not all those who wander are lost"

wildorchid's picture

The earth is art, the photographer is only a witness...

ldejesus's picture is the best website.

Ray Baker's picture

Tripods are like Jello, there is always room for more.

horsetail's picture

Then I'll have tripod all the time!

Huggy2122's picture

This tripod lives up to the Lino Manfrotto name. Great quality and design & all Italian !

lolnopho's picture

..GREAT to win this!!

Paranger's picture

I could really put this to good use while photographing wild life.

Cory Lvett's picture

Wishing and hoping to get this

gonemadd's picture

What I have been waiting for to replace my worn out tripod

britterbug's picture

Cool, I could definitely use a tripod this nice

douglascroftimages's picture

I could use this.

CSIROCZ's picture

I've been needing a new tripod for awhile now...should fit the bill!

Webfoot's picture

Looks like the perfect replacement for my current tripod which is unable to handle my new (heavy) lens.

ChiisanaSekai's picture
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Mattinthebox's picture

Yes, please!

asvpcrisp's picture

this would be awesome!!!!

Vanessa Hutton's picture

The perfect step up from the basic model I current use.

aliereb's picture

A very nice rig! Thanks for the chance!!

Foedograffer's picture

I am happy with my older Manfrotto tripod but a new would be great. Good luck to all.

romulj's picture

Manfrotto. Please. yes. thank you very much.

css2003's picture

I use one at work, would love to have one for personal use too!!!

klance007's picture

Would love to have a better tripod.

McPhoto's picture

…so I'm entering this drawing!

Chris Paden's picture

Could always use a sturdier tripod!