The Ikigai Rival Backpack Sweepstakes

Register to win a Ikigai Rival Backpack (MSRP $350.00) we are giving away.

According to the company:


Ikigai's Rival Backpack delivers a fresh look and premium performance to the photo bag market. It offers both simplicity and configurability, allowing you to quickly and easily pack exactly what you need for each shoot’s requirements. Designed with a sculpted back panel and matched with an anatomic cut harness system, the Rival Backpack’s great fit and all-day comfort means you won’t give out before the light does! It’s also easy to access your essentials and provides unrivaled protection, so you won’t miss the moment fumbling for gear.

But the feature photographers will appreciate the most is what we call our “Strength from Within” - the removable, configurable camera cell with its own carrying handle, giving photographers unparalleled on-location flexibility. The large camera cell fits right into the large Ikigai Backpack. For shoots that aren't as gear intensive, the medium camera cell frees up room to carry props or personal gear in the bag.

The Large Rival Backpack and Camera Cell kit can hold your DSLR, up to 9 Lenses and Accessories.

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CSIROCZ's picture

Looks like a nice bag. Would love to have it!

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Always can use a new bag, this one looks pretty nice.

ldejesus's picture is the best website.

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Would love to win this bag!

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Looks like I'd have to get more gear to fill it up.

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Looks like a great bag.

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Looks like a lot of equipment can put in.

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Great bad. Great site. thnx.

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I want it!!

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I could always add another bag to my gear selection! You can never have too man bags!

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Looks fantastic

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Looks great

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Ja takk, denne så flott ut!

Chris Paden's picture

As an avid hiker and outdoorsman, this bag would be perfect for my backwoods and high country journeys!

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I've owned several different bags and have never been thoroughly satisfied with capacity and durability. I tend to be rather punishing to my bags. This one seems promising.'s picture

looks great!