Shooting For Profit

Shooting For Profit

by Ron Leach

If you are one of the many subscribers to the Shutterbug Storefront program, you've learned that photography doesn't have to be a career to be profitable. If you are unfamiliar with this program, a quick visit to will enable you to start shooting for profit as well as for fun.

Designed for photo enthusiasts who don't want to give up their day jobs but would like to supplement their incomes by selling their images, the Shutterbug Storefront enables you to start an online photo business quickly and easily. You upload your shots, your customers place their orders, and we handle the printing and delivery. Shutterbug's customizable gallery/fulfillment/billing system lets you reap the rewards without investing in complicated or expensive infrastructure. In short, you shoot the images and we'll handle the rest.

This new program uses proven tools, a versatile workflow, and enables you to get started right away. Best yet, Shutterbug's participation is transparent to your customers and everything from your online galleries to your paperwork will carry your personal branding.

In the next couple of weeks we'll unveil an updated and streamlined website to make the process simpler than ever. So visit and discover how easy we've made if for you to get an online photo business up and running.