Positive Outlook for Digital Camera Sales

Industry Perspective

Positive Outlook for Digital Camera Sales

by Ron Leach

Despite the dismal world-wide economic outlook, prospects for  continued growth in the digital camera market seems remarkably strong—especially as compared to predictions for other consumer-related industries. Recent data from the Camera & Imaging Association (CIPA) in Tokyo indicates that the total shipment of digital cameras in 2008 exceeded the level of 2007 when shipments broke the 100 million mark for the first time since CIPA began compiling this data. There was significant year-over-year growth in shipments of both SLR cameras (an increase of 29.7%) and digital fixed-lens cameras (an increase of 18.5%).

Factoring in the effects of the current economic slowdown, CIPA’s forecast for 2009 anticipates a 6.8% increase in digital SLR shipments and a decline of 1.3% in the shipments of cameras with built-in lenses.

As digital SLR sales are driving the camera market, so too are dedicated accessories like interchangeable lenses. In 2008, shipment of lenses for digital SLRs grew by 25.1% over the previous year, and the forecast for 2009 anticipates that lens shipments will continue to grow by at least 6%.