PMA Show Report; Portable Flash And Lighting Accessories; Light On The Go Page 2

The Interfit Strobies are a range of light modifiers that fit most makes of shoe-mount flash heads via a Flex Mount Grip. They are lightweight, very portable, and can be interchanged rapidly to vary the type of light output derived from your flash head. The new STR100 Portrait Kit consists of a beauty dish, globe diffuser, softbox, barn door set, snoot, and honeycomb. With it you can modify the light from your flash to suit individual portraits to group shots. The MSRP is $150. The Strobies i Sync 4 is a combination optical and wireless trigger with four independent radio channels for when multiple photographers are shooting in the same area. Optical triggering offers greater distance while radio triggering is used in out-of-slight situations around walls, etc. for up to 100 feet. The kit sells for $65. A new Strobies Multi-Fit TTL dedicated flash cord can be used with all Canon, Fuji, or Nikon camera/flash gun systems. The coil cord version is 29” folded but pulls out to 6-feet long and has a tripod socket for use on light stands. The MSRP is $58. A straight cord that’s 30-feet long is also available. A new Sony-compatible split-rail flash shoe is offered for $10. Brand new is the Seculine radio twin link flash bracket that holds two shoe-mount flash units, has a range of over 300 feet, and lists for $149.

Interfit Strobies Light Modifiers

Interfit Strobies i Sync 4

Interfit Strobies Multi-Fit TTL Cord

Interfit Sony-Compatible Flash Shoe

Nissin Digital introduced the Di466 flash (specifically for Four Thirds system D-SLR cameras) with classic white or black finish. Features include TTL with a flash level compensation capability, a GN of 109, a 24-105mm power zoom, a bounce capability, a power ratio of six levels, a quick-loading magazine for battery change, and a wireless remote that works for both analog (single flash) and digital (pre-flash). Also new is the external Power Pack PS300, a rechargeable Ni-MH battery contained in a heavy-duty housing. It accepts two power cables supporting various brands of flash systems and is capable of simultaneously high-speed charging two flashes. The MSRP with one power cord is $599.

Nissin Digital Di466 Flash

Nissin Digital Power Pack PS300