Is This the Mirrorless Camera DSLR Users Will Switch For? Hands-On with the Sony A7R III (VIDEO)

Sony certainly stole the PhotoPlus show last week with the Sony A7R III, a new 42.4MP full frame mirrorless camera that can shoot continuous bursts of 10 frames per second at full resolution while offering 15 stops of dynamic range. The Sony A7R III also has a faster autofocus system than the previous model, can shoot 4K video the full width of the full-frame image sensor, and has extended battery life and a touchscreen.

Is this the camera that will get dyed-in-the-wool DSLR shooters to switch to mirrorless?

To find out, we got some hands-on time with the Sony A7R III at PhotoPlus Expo in New York City and shot the below video highlighting the camera’s top features. To read more about the A7R III, check out our report on the camera when it launched last week. You can also see 7 high resolution test images we shot with the Sony A7R III here, which should give you a good idea of its image quality.

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