Talented Canine Photographer Elias Weiss Friedman Makes a Name for Himself as The Dogist (VIDEO)

Call it "Canines of New York." No, forget that. Call him simply by the name he's known for on his popular Instagram account: The Dogist.

His real name is Elias Weiss Friedman and he began photographing the pooches of New York City in 2013 but The Dogist project soon took on a life of its own, and Friedman found himself traveling the world, capturing images of dogs in over 30 cities.

A selection of the photos were used for his first book (also titled The Dogist) and others were posted on Instagram, garnering him 1.4 million dedicated dog loving followers as well as opportunities to work with major dog food and pet supply companies.

Friedman creates amazing portraits of shelter dogs in an effort to help them find a forever home. He also offers a selection of helpful tips and tricks for creating pro quality portraits of your dog, such as photographing your pet at their eye level and using a toy (or a treat) to get them to focus on you. Playing with your dog during the shoot has the added benefit of making them comfortable with the camera and bringing out their playful side for a more natural photo.

He is also working on a new project titled The Catist, an entirely new experience for Elias since he’s never had a cat himself. 

Watch POPSUGAR's fun video profile of Friedman below.

(Via ISO 1200)