Is This Photographer’s Behavior Acceptable? Is It Harassment? Watch This Cringe-Worthy Video

You know something is amiss when the first three questions a photographer asks his model are: 1) Do you have a boyfriend; 2) Do you like to play; and, 3) What turns you on?

This video from Cosmopolitan magazine’s YouTube channel is part of the six-part #ThatsHarassment series you can find on Facebook, exploring sexual harassment in the workplace among various professions. Cosmo and actor David Schwimmer joined forces to create the short videos based upon a documentary from Israeli-American Director Sigal Avin.

Unfortunately, while the videos are reenactments (the below clip features the actors Bobby Cannavle as the photographer, and Anna Van Patten as the model), they are based on real-life events. As you might suspect from this serious topic, the video below is NSFW so watch with discretion.

Via SLR Lounge