Photo Basics: The 5 Biggest Misconceptions About Photography and What They Mean for You (VIDEO)

We’re always eager to receive the latest tutorial from Vincent Ledvina, because he’s an adept photographer with serious animation skills that enable him to create some very special videos. In this episode, he reveals what he considers to be the five biggest misconceptions about photography.

If you’re unfamiliar with Ledvina’s work, you’ll appreciate his simplistic approach to explaining complicated concepts, and you may even marvel at how animation can be the perfect way to provide a visual learning experience.

Ledvina’s misconceptions include the notion that one must shoot in Manual mode to create pro-quality images, and he explains why Program and Auto modes often have real-world advantages. He also reviews the often-misconstrued concept of ISO, and provides an important clarification of how this setting actually affects your photographs.

According to Ledvina, “The most dangerous and destructive mistruth in photography” is the falsehood that great photos only result from great gear. Watch the video for his explanation of this misconception, as well as the others.

You can find more animated tutorials on Ledvina’s YouTube channel. And we encourage you to watch the last video of his we posted, explaining everything you need to know about shutter speed.

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