Peter McKinnon & Mango Street Swap Photography Styles in This Fun YouTube Collaboration Video

Two of our favorite photography channels on YouTube finally got together in the collaboration video (aka “collab”) everyone has been waiting for. In the entertaining and informative clip below, Los Angeles-based Daniel and Rachel of Mango Street travel north to visit Peter McKinnon in Canada to try their hands at shooting in each other’s styles.

It’s all in good fun as McKinnon attempts to mimic the low-angle, off-kilter, quirky portrait style of the Mango street duo; and then Daniel and Rachel give a shot at capturing portraits of McKinnon using the surrounding Canadian cityscape/landscape as the backdrop in an imitation of his signature look.

Who did a better job at delivering the goods? Watch the video and decide for yourself and then visit and subscribe to Mango Street’s channel, and do the same with McKinnon’s channel. You won’t regret it. These are two of the best photography how-to YouTube channels out there right now.

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