Peter Hurley's Top 5 Tips for Shooting Amazing Portraits & Headshots (Shutterbug Video)

The latest edition of Shutterbug's monthly Exploring Light column, where pro photographers from Canon's Explorers of Light program offer tips, tricks and photo advice, is a little different from previous installments. Instead of writing us a column filled with his nuggets of sage wisdom on being a professional portrait photographer, headshot expert Peter Hurley has given us an entire how-to video for Shutterbug's YouTube channel, which we have embedded below.

If you've ever seen Hurley at a photography trade show or leading a workshop, you know he's at his best when you can watch him in action. And if you've never seen him in action before, you're in for a real treat in the video below.

In the clip, Hurley shares his top five tips for shooting amazing portraits and headshots. Here's a rundown of the tips he discusses and demonstrates while photographing his model, Johanna, in this educational shoot:

#1 Jawline Out

#2 What's Your Best Side?

#3 Confidence Comes from the Eyes

#4 Approachability Comes from the Mouth

#5 Lower Camera Height

Watch the video below and then go visit the website Headshot Crew for more photography tips and tricks.

You can see more of Hurley's work on his website and social media channels: