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October 2008

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This month our spotlight shines on the topic of lighting, which we explore in-depth with gear and tips relating to home, studio, and on location photography. Not to mention our Test Reports cover the full range of lighting equipment, from ringlight converters to location kits. We even have a special monolight buyer's guide to help you get started in studio lighting or upgrade some of your existing equipment. Daniel Tückmantel, who is profiled in this month's "Student Union" column, shot our cover image. To see more of his unique images, turn to page 12.


26 Roundup
Covering The Photo Beat
by C.A. Boylan

30 Digital Innovations
Digital Insider's Tips & Tools
by Joe Farace

40 Test Report: The Flashpoint II 2420 Monolight
Top WS Unit Of The Line
by Steve Bedell

46 Test Report: Bowens' RingLite Converter
Get The "Ringlight Look" On A Budget
by Steve Bedell

52 Test Report: Westcott's Strobelite Plus Monolight
A Lightweight, Versatile Light
by Joe Farace

62 Test Report: Lowel's Rifa eXchange System
Continuous Lighting Has Its Advantages
by Steve Anchell

90 A Monolight Buyer's Guide
Find A Versatile Strobe That's Right For You
by Jack Neubart

96 Test Report: Sigma's DP1 Digital Camera
Foveon Sensor & 14 Million Photodetectors In A "Compact" Digicam
by Peter K. Burian

118 Test Report: MyStudio 20 Internet Photo Studio
A Self-Contained Digital Tabletop Studio
by Jack Neubart

124 Test Report: Fujifilm's FinePix S100FS
Capturing A "Digital Film" Look
by Joe Farace

130 Studio Kits
Getting Started With Westcott's Photo Basics
by Ron Eggers

136 Test Report: The Opus Pro OPL-L300-Series
AC/DC Location Kit This Strobe System Goes Where You Go
by Jack Neubart

138 Test Report: Kenko's KFM-2100 Flash/Ambi Meter
Everything You Always Wanted In A Handheld Meter, And More
by Jack Neubart

142 Classic Camera
The Mecaflex
by John Wade

195 Help!
Q&A For Traditional Photography
by Robert E. Mayer

204 Digital Help
Q&A For Digital Photography
by David B. Brooks


76 The "Poison Dart Frog" Challenge
The Ring Flash (And A Little Bit O' Photoshop) Solution
by Jim Zuckerman

86 Web Photo School
More Posing & Lighting
by Norm Haughey

108 Location Shoot: Studio Results
Portable Pro Lighting Tips & Gear
by Ron Eggers

146 Business Trends
"Helping Clients Hire You"
by Maria Piscopo

10 Talking Pictures
"Three Amigos"
by Jack McAward

12 Student Union
Profiles Of The Up And Coming
by Jay McCabe

14 Picture This!
Monthly Photo Assignment
by The Editors

20 Web Profiles
Great Photo Sites Reviewed
by Joe Farace

38 Passport
It's A Guy Thing
by Jack Hollingsworth

70 A Long Road To A Happy Accident
Photographing Hothouse Beauties
by David B. Brooks

82 A Compassionate Eye With An Educational Intent
The Photography Of Ron Haviv
by Rosalind Smith

144 Leica Day At RIT
Preserving Traditions With An Eye To The Future
by Jason Schneider


10 Talking Pictures
I've Seen Better Days...
by Dr. Spencer Moore

14 Picture This!
Monthly Photo Assignment
by The Editors

24 Web Profiles
Great Photo Sites Reviewed
by Joe Farace

42 Student Union
Profiles Of The Up And Coming
by Jay McCabe

83 The Long Ranger
With HDR Photography, What You Can See Is Now What You Can Get
by Barry Tanenbaum

86 The Photography Of Thom Rouse
Where Technician And Artist Meet
by Steve Bedell

90 Personal Project
Modern Pictorialism
by Brian Kosoff


134 Book Reviews
8 Editor's Notes
183 Trade Shows
183 Workshops