That Moment a Jerk with an iPhone Jumps In Front of the Shot You Spent the Day Setting Up (VIDEO)

Well now if this isn’t incredibly frustrating! Susan L. Angstadt, a staff photographer at the Reading Eagle in Pennsylvania spent all day Friday preparing to capture the spectacular demolition of some local smokestacks for the newspaper only to get “photobombed” at the last second by a guy with an iPhone who leapt in front of her.

“I sat there from 9:45 until 3pm, waiting for the stacks to be demolished,” she told PetaPixel. “I told the crowd of people (politely) that I was shooting for the newspaper and to not bump into or stand in front of the camera I had set up on a tripod.”

But, as you’ll see in the agonizing short clip below, all that preparation is ruined by someone who clearly didn’t listen.

“In the measly 7 seconds I had to shoot a video and take some stills I had no time to adjust for a man running diagonally down a hill in front of me shooting a running iPhone video. I was furious at first, but now when I watch the video I nearly shriek with laughter!” she said.

At least she had a sense humor about it. We're not sure how we would've reacted. How do you think you would have handled this photographic intrusion?

Via Peta Pixel