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May 2007

On the Cover
Big news this month on the digital camera front: The Nikon D40 has broken the $600 barrier and a Leica legacy goes digital! To learn more about the Nikon D40 and the Leica M8 be sure to read our in-depth Test Reports. Aside from our reports on the latest and greatest gear, Mike Endres explains how to photograph the aurora borealis and Anthony Celeste ponders whether JPEG is still a viable option.


28 Output Options
How To Protect Your Images
by Jon Canfield

44 Roundup: New Products
Covering The Photo Beat
by C.A. Boylan

50 Digital Innovations
Blink-Free Photos Guaranteed!
by Joe Farace

58 Optimum Optical Accessories
Binoculars For Photographers
by Jon Sienkiewicz

66 Field Accessories For Digital SLRs
While Perhaps Not Top Priority, These Items Can Really Come In Handy
by Stan Trzoniec

84 When Cameras Get Wet
Things To Do After A Dousing
by Jon Sienkiewicz

86 Photo Backpacks
Amiable Traveling Companions For Your Gear
by Jon Sienkiewicz

94 Test Report: Large Format Camera
The Fotoman 810PS
by Roger W. Hicks

102 Test Report: Lighting
The ExpoDisc
by George Schaub

104 Test Report: Panorama Plates
Novoflex's Panorama=Q PRO
by Joe Farace

110 Test Report: Film
Kodak's Professional Portra 160 & 400 VC And NC
by Steve Anchell

116 Test Report: Stereo Camera
The Horseman 3D
by Jason Schneider

124 Test Report: Lenses
Zeiss "Nikon-Fit" ZF Lenses
by Roger W. Hicks

152 Street Smarts
The Savvy Consumer's Guide To Pre-Owned, Collectible, And Vintage Cameras
by Jason Schneider

156 Classic Camera
The 2x3 Century Graphic
by Rick Shimonkevitz


34 It May Not Be Monday Night Football, But...
The Youth Action Sports Market
by David Whitson

71 Shooting From Canoes
And Kayaks
Gear, Prep, And Image Ideas
by Clint Farlinger


14 Picture This!
Monthly Photo Assignment
by The Editors

20 Web Profiles
Great Photo Sites Reviewed
by Joe Farace

24 Talking Pictures
Observant Eye
by Carol Snow

26 Student Union
Profiles Of The Up And Coming
by Jay McCabe

30 Privacy Rights And Copyrights
What Photographers Need To Know
by Maria Piscopo

40 Contest
Legion Paper Photo Contest
by The Editors

74 Locations
New Zealand
by Daryl Hawk

78 In The Wild With Team Husar
A Cause Served With Great Images
by Rosalind Smith

82 Personal Project
A Photographic Journey
by Jim Mitchell


130 Book Reviews
178 Digital Help
12 Editor's Notes
188 Help!
167 Trade Shows
167 Workshops