Male Photographer of the Year? Photographer Spoofs Himself in Goofy Self-Promotion Video

We’ve seen a lot of silly self-promotion videos from photographers before, but nothing quite as goofy as Chris Bauer’s “Male Photographer of the Year” spoof on YouTube.

The video, which is embedded below, features Bauer as a horrendous “hipster” photographer with a penchant for cheesy 1970s and ’80s affections (see moustache and mullet) alongside some more modern proclivities. “With more selfies taken in the past year than anyone who has ever taken a selfie,” the narrator of the video intones.

Whether you think it’s funny or not depends on your taste – we smiled – but one thing is for sure, Bauer is getting the last laugh. The video’s gone viral and he’s, no doubt, getting lots of new visitors to his website.

“Grip it and rip it,” as Bauer would say.

Check the video out below and tell us what you think in the comments.

(Via Reddit)