Learn 3 Lightning Fast Lighting Set-Ups for a 1-Second Portrait Shoot (VIDEO)

The very helpful video below from AdoramaTV will teach you how to do three quick lighting set-ups for portrait photography, even if you're only given one second with your subject. The idea, which is demonstrated in the video by Daniel Norton, came from a recent Sports Illustrated photo shoot by Alexis Cuarezma where the photographer was given just about a minute to create perfect portraits of various athletes.

To solve the problem and get the job done on schedule, Cuarezma set up a series of what he called “zones” in the studio—each with a different lighting scenario.

This video shows those three zone set-ups: crisp (white), moody (black) and warm/cool (grey backdrop with deep blue accents). While it may appear that many backdrops were used, in reality there is just a medium grey. The lighting set-ups and the exposure work to alter the color, turning one into many.

The video expertly explains the process used and shows you how to duplicate the zones in your own studio. Complete with helpful diagrams, and a good close-up view of the gear used (lights, light modifiers, backdrop and more), it is very easy to understand and follow along with video instruction Norton.