Learn Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About How Camera Lenses Work In This Illuminating Video

We’ve been featuring the highly educational photography videos of Filmmaker IQ this past month and here’s another fascinating clip to kick off 2016. Titled “The Properties of Camera Lenses,” the video is narrated, once again, by John P. Hess, and gives you the scoop on everything you ever wanted to know about how lenses work.

“With a grounding in science and history, we now dive into the properties of camera lenses and explain the features of the modern camera lens for photography and cinematography from, Focal Length, Aperture, Primes vs. Zooms as well as some specialty features,” it explains in the video’s description.

Like most of Filmmaker IQ’s videos, it’s a bit on the long side at 20+ minutes but worth your time if you want to learn a lot about how that piece of glass on the front of your camera really operates. (No, it's not magic.)

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