Kick Off the Weekend with 5 Fun Camera Hacks for More Creative Photographs (VIDEO)

What better way to wrap up the week than with five fun camera hacks you can try over the weekend? In the one-minute tutorial below, you’ll learn some tricks to boost creativity and add “wow” to photos and videos.

Dan Watson has more than 15 years of experience with photography and videography, and he says he loves sharing what he’s learned along the way. In less time than it takes to string up a few LED lights to add sparkle to a photo, he demonstrates five hacks that he uses all the time.

Watson's tricks range from using a crystal globe as an interesting foreground subject for sunset photos, to creating moody portraits by enveloping a scene in “fog” from an affordable smoke emitter that’s useful for a variety of dramatic effects.

The video includes three more magical hacks, so take a look and have some fun. Visit Watson’s YouTube channel for a variety of helpful tips, and check out an earlier story we posted with five more camera hacks for creating unique images without spending a dime.